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Development of Powder Coating Specification for the Department of Transportation

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Broken Arrow Powder Coating , Inc. Powder Coating assisted the City of Tulsa's engineering department with the development of a specification for powder coating transportation, highway, and bridge structures, hand rail, light poles, and ornamental components. Broken Arrow Powder Coating , Inc. Power Coating's consultation led to the design, fabrication, and powder coating of hot dipped galvanized zinc monotube interstate highway sign structures.

Project Outline

  • Based on our knowledge and experience with powder formulations, Broken Arrow Powder Coating , Inc. Power Coating was initially contacted by SAIC Engineering Group with whom we consulted and made recommendations regarding the process for powder coating hot dipped galvanized zinc monotube interstate highway sign structures.
  • We then submitted a quotation for the design, fabrication, and powder coating to two structure manufacturers, each with different requirements, and won the bid from both structure manufacturers.
  • We ramped up our operation according to the process parameters outlined in the project scope and began production in just four days after we were awarded the bid.
  • The 35-ft. highway sign structural components were powder coated in Broken Arrow Powder Coating , Inc.'s 8,000-lb. capacity oven where a successful powder coating was achieved.

Benefit of Powder Coating

Powder coating galvanized zinc monotube extends the life of the highway sign structure, thus reducing repair and replacement costs over the lifetime of the structure.  Also, by encapsulating the heavy metal zinc, transportation departments lessen their impact on the environment by not allowing zinc or zinc oxide in the eco-system. The structures are also more aesthetically appealing.


  • Met turnaround time as indicated by the City of Tulsa
  • Met and in some cases exceeded Oklahoma Department of Transportation's inspection and testing criteria

Monotube Highway Sign Structure Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Specification Development
  • Create Specifications for Powder Coating Hot Dipped Galvanized Zinc Monotube Highway Sign Structures

Powder Coating

  • Highway & Bridge Structures
  • Highway Signs
  • Hand Rails
  • Light Poles
  • Ornamental Components
Equipment Used   8,000 lb Capacity Oven
Industry for Use   Transportation
Location   Tulsa, Oklahoma

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